What Is Disability Don't Mean Can't (DDMC)



Disability Don’t Mean Can’t or, DDMC for short, is a fitness and motivational resource with the goal of increasing quality of life through fitness even when everyone else says they can’t help.  It's a motivation THANG not a grammar THING! 

*specializing in fitness modification more than  18 years*

”we can exercise because 1, 2, or 56 failed attempts don’t mean you can’t“

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You Deserve a Powerful Image


DDMC founder here. I habe a mobility disorder called Ataxia. I did not start showing symptoms until my early 20s. That means I had about 20 years, of un-restricted activity that helpled develope my passion for fitness. 

After I found out I had a incurable, progressive disability I was told, by a lot of people I Can’t or shouldn’t do a lot of the activities I love. I spent a lot of time down in the dumps, because of this, and I was liveing A very stagnant lifestyle until I started saying Disability Don’t Mean Can’t.

Next I noticed a large contributing factor that was making me “down in the dumps“. After seeing the same ol puny little stick man on a handicap parking signs I started associating my self with it, as week, fragile and incapeable. After I had identified this as a problem I came up with the image you see above. If you click on my logo you will be transferred to a web store where you can get your empowering DDMCgear. 


More Than Just an Image

Disability Don’t Mean Can’t is more than just an epic image or ceatchy phrase. DDMC is a fitness & motivational resource. No matter what your ability level we will find a way for you to become fit and health. Even if you’re disabled we will help you along your fit journey. 

OK; Great, you have a can-do attitude but you are having a hard time fitting yourself in a fit lifestyle? It’s easy to come up with excuses to sit in front of the television and veg out all day.  Some common excuses are “I don’t have the time or energy to start working out“ or I am too embarrassed to go to a gym full of people“. Among those excuses will probably be the dreaded “can’t” word and we will help with that.

Disability Don’t Mean Can’ts Partnership with project CHEER

Partnering with the University of Kentucky’s project CHEER has been great. This interview will show a few ways we spread Health & Fitness Throughout Kentucky. 

Interview by Louisville MetroTV