DDMCman Is A Larger Than Life Disabled Superhero and Trusty is DDMCman’s Service dog and sidekick

DDMCman uses a slapstick & mago since of humor to spread a can-do attitude & a fit lifestyl. 

DDMCman & Trusty draw off of Disability Don’t Mean Can’t‘s founder, life experiencees while dealing with his own disability, to guid their adventure helping individuals ditch the “can’t“ word a get living life to the max. 

Its the founder again. I am heavily involved in the disabled community and I used to hear “my disability needs a face or advocate“; well the search is over, look no furthe. DDMCman was created to be your face, your advoket. 

Advertising Opportunities and Meet the Author/Book Signings

In the United States alone there is an estimated 65 million disabled individuals that need help from DDMC. 

Let DDMCman advertise for you. Take advantage of our specialized reach and choose an option from the advertising rate card. 

Do do you have a “brilliant idea“ on how you can make DDMCman work for you but you do not see the option, from the advertising rate card, that is for you;  feel free to get in touch with DDMC and shoot us an emai.  

The Making of DDMCman Comics #1

Check out this great video

DDMCman #2

DDMCman #2 Internet/Audio Version

Designed for people with visual impairments but it turned into a project that is for anyone. 

DDMCman #2 is a Partnership betw Disablity Don’t Mean Can’t LLC & the Universality of Kentucky 

To order a signed copy of DDMCman #2

To order a signed copy of DDMCman #2 feel free to contact Michael Carter